Childbirth Education

Pregnant Women With Partners At Ante Natal ClassHaving a baby is one of the biggest and most special events in life. Each experience will definitely be unique, but the common goal for everyone is a healthy infant, mother, and partner. In making the transition to parenthood education is the key to preparing. Our goal is to provide you with that necessary education so that as a family you can:


  • Understand the physical changes and stages of childbirth.
  • Make informed decisions with guidance and recommendations from your obstetrical provider.
  • Understand and demonstrate relieving techniques for the discomforts of pregnancy, labor and birth.
  • Have an increased awareness of the newborn and basic care
  • Be prepared for the physical and emotional changes of the post delivery phase
  • Be prepared to breast or bottle feed your baby.

For a low risk or an uncomplicated pregnancy we recommend you begin class around week 32 or 33 of your pregnancy. If you have a high-risk pregnancy we recommend you begin classes sooner. Class space is limited, so you should call as early as possible to secure a position.