Family Planning

Verh?tungsmittel: Pille - Spirale - VaginalringOnce you have made the important decision to practice birth control you are faced with the decision of which method is best for you and your partner. There are several methods available and your physician can guide you in making this important decision. The physician can introduce many contraceptive options available to you, then with his/her help, you can decide on the one that works best with your lifestyle and your needs. Whichever birth control method you choose, keep in mind that many of the most effective and appropriate methods can fail if you are not able to make a consistent, ongoing commitment to using them. Whether your regimen is something you take daily, like a pill, or use only as needed, like a diaphragm, its success depends on you. Make sure you fully understand how and when to use the method you and your doctor or health care provider have chosen.