What is clinical research?

That prescription pill you took this morning to treat a medical condition diagnosed by your doctor didn’t just magically appear on the pharmacist’s shelf or your bathroom counter. Government approval for prescription medicines is a rigorous process and comes only after years of research, millions of dollars in investment and rigid clinical trials involving thousands of patients over many years.

By the time a new drug hits the market, it has been examined, tested and scrutinized in every possible way. New prescription medicines must work as promised. They must be safe. And any side effects must be clearly identified and well understood. Getting a drug ready for public use is no small task.

We know. We are Hawthorne Medical Research, and we are engaged in one of the most important aspects of American medicine. Working under contract with major pharmaceutical firms, we conduct clinical trials for new drug treatments designed to address women’s health issues.

About 80,000 clinical trials are conducted in the United States each year. Participants in clinical trials play a vital role in medical technology and in their own health care. They gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available and help others by contributing to medical research that can eventually benefit millions.

At Hawthorne Medical Research, our clinical trials are helping women worldwide. We work daily to prove the safety and effectiveness of prescription medications to address a variety of female health issues from birth control to troubling conditions such as endometriosis and many others.

Are you a candidate for a clinical trial? Contact us and find out.